Libby has been sewing and quilting for 40 years. For five years, Libby co-owned Heart in Hands quilt shop in Weymouth, MA, where she taught beginner to advanced classes. Libby’s quilts have been displayed at The Quilters Gathering and the National Quilt Museum in Paducah and won best in category at the Marshfield Fair.

Libby has created more than 50 custom quilts ranging from baby quilts with a special theme to memory quilts made with all sorts of clothing items. Each unique quilt tells a special story. A quilt can preserve memories of trips, sports activities, and concerts, passed friends or family. Other quilts celebrate a marriage or baby. Libby loves the challenge of making your personal memories into a beautiful keepsake. T-shirt quilts are a popular gift for graduates! Heart in Handmade is happy to work with our clients to create an heirloom quilt for any occasion. 

We can use your fabrics from clothes and T-shirts to design unique memory quilts. Photos, drawings or writing can be printed on fabric.  Or choose your design and colors to match your décor!